Source Control


Puzzles and strategy in a world of hackers


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Source Control is a puzzle and strategy game where you play a hacker from the future who has to face a powerful artificial intelligence in duels combining the gameplay of Puzzle Quest with traditional Rubik's cubes.

Your goal is to get your opponent's health to zero by rotating the different nodes that make up the game board. In most cases like this you usually have to connect three pieces of the same color, but in Source Control you have to match four identical ones.

Besides the story mode, Source Control includes several additional game modes, like the survival mode, where you have to last as long as you can; and the arcade mode, which offers more direct action. There's also a casual mode for those looking for a less complicated challenge.

Source Control is a puzzle game that cleverly adds elements of turn-based strategy into its gameplay. The excellent futuristic setting and wonderful graphics end up creating a really amazing title.
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